16:8 Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is something I stumbled upon scrolling through my Instagram feed sometime last year. I knew nothing about fasting nor had I ever tried it personally but the more I researched the more I became intrigued.. it seemed so simple but so effective. 

Now having done the 16:8 Intermittent fasting personally on and off the last year as well as recommending it to my clients, I thought it was about time I shared on here exactly what it is, how to do it and my own personal experience. 

The logistics behind the 16:8 fast are simple. You fast for a period of 16 hours a day, fitting all of your calories into the remaining 8 hour window. In that 8 hour window, you eat and consume the same amount of calories that you normally would. The most popular means of doing this is to fast from 8pm one day until 12pm the next day. I found this time frame especially appealing because helllo- I would be sleeping for a majority of it! Doesn’t get easier than that 🙂 The 16:8 isn’t restricted to this specific time frame either. You can schedule your 8 hour window as will best fit your own personal schedule. 

You can find many articles on the 16:8 that explain thoroughly how it works and the many benefits. In efforts to make this more of a personal review as well as short and sweet, I’ve posted a link to an informative but easy read below 🙂


Last week on my ALB.FitnessJourney Instagram feed, I kept it real and shared my personal struggle with maintaining a healthy diet over the last month. I had repeatedly allowed myself to binge on junk food and although I stayed on point with my workouts, I felt like the food I was eating- I felt like crap! Not only had I gained weight but my energy levels and self confidence were quickly diminishing. I knew the choices I had been making were not in alignment with my goals. 

I’m no stranger to setbacks and I was more than ready to pick myself back up and move forward making better choices. Although I had done the 16:8 IF many times prior, I decided to challenge myself to do it for 5 days in a row. As I suspected, my results were amazing and it was the perfect ‘reset’ to get me back on track!  I began the week weighing in on Monday morning at 161.6 lbs and finished strong with a total weightloss of 8.2 lbs! I wouldn’t typically expect such dramatic numbers but it goes to show just how poorly I had been eating leading up to the fast. 

During this 5 day fasting period, I got back to basics. I focused on clean eating in correct portions, increased water intake ( minimum of half my body weight in ounces daily ) and light cardio ( about an hour of walking per day ). I noticed increased mental clarity, a decrease in cravings and a true sense of control over my eating habits again. 

This having been the first time I had ever attempted to do the 16:8 for 5 days, I will say towards the end it felt like a bit much. Come Friday I felt a little weak/depleated and really missing my intense workouts and weight training. Although I was very satisfied with the results, in the future I will likely not go more than four days consecutively. 

I hope you find this information and my personal review beneficial, happy fasting ! 😚

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Barb clough says:

    Is there any significant in the time you fast. Would if the ratio was different like 15:9 or 14:10.??? I ask because of my schedule.


  2. Mariah says:

    How often are you supposed to do this. I thought this was an everyday thing ? Isn’t it supposed to be like a life style? Also, why were you not doing your regular work outs ? I’m very curious about this fasting thing! 🙂


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