What to expect:

1. My first goal is to educate you on the basics of nutrition and tracking macros. I will teach you how to create simple and practical meals on a budget, meal prep and properly fuel your body in a way that you actually enjoy. Other topics I go over – binge eating, intuitive eating and more.

This is not a challenge where you will be given a meal plan to blindly follow. Our main focus will be on education, self awareness and replenishing the relationship between food and your body.

2. You will be held accountable each week with our Monday morning assessments as well as access to our team page. Clients can always email me any questions or concerns at any time.

3. You will have full access to ME and all of the most valuable tips, tools and resources I have to offer. Having experienced obesity, depression, anxiety and major weight loss first hand, I know the struggles of emotional eating and the internal work it takes to get through them. My program focuses equally on both mental and physical health.

4. Choice of gym or home workouts. Each week you’ll receive new warmups, workouts and instructions. I like to keep it simple and perfect the basics. We will work closely together to create circuits specific to your fitness level, goals and equipment accessible.

5. Weekly accountability and sincere, honest guidance. This program is my heart and I am here to improve your quality of life♥️

If you’re ready, scroll down to fill out the application and start getting excited…. This is your time!