What to expect:

1. Education on nutrition and how to track macros as well as your own personalized macro goals.
This is not a challenge where you will be given a meal plan to blindly follow. Our main focus will be on education, self awareness and replenishing the relationship between food and your body.

2. Fun new recipes to try every week!

3. I share with you all of the tips, tools, hacks and the very best advice/guidance I have to offer. Having experienced obesity, depression, anxiety and major weight loss first hand, I’ve learned so much 🙂

4. Your choice of gym or home workouts, five new circuits each week! We work together to create circuits specific to your fitness level, goals and equipment accessible.

5. Weekly accountability with mandatory progress photos and measurements. Feedback is ALWAYS given as we work together to make any adjustments needed for the week ahead.

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4 Week Jumpstart Challenge